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We look at the same stars and see such different things.
Since you were born, They taught you to always be unique, splendid and shine, everybody kept pushing you to be unusual until you forgot about the ordinary self of yours. The ordinary self that saw the stars from another extraordinary perspective that they simply rejected.

Kaizen Egypt is scouting for the ordinary ones. The ones that life didn’t ruin their passion and desire of learning and exploring, bring your perspective and ideas with you and join us as here in kaizen where your ideas will always find a way to see the light.

The first hour of the morning belongs to you and so does the next hour of your life.
We believe that the crazy ones, the misfits and the rebels fit here, in Kaizen Egypt.

The Zenkais.

About Us

KAIZEN Egypt is established in 2014 by a group of Egyptian Engineering Students from different majors and Experiences who believe in the importance of Engineers to lead the world development with ethical and conscious development researches and projects. The Importance of the Educational Process and how to provide a World-Class Engineering Education.


KAIZEN Egypt is the Egyptian not for profit organization for all engineers from all areas, works for building sustainable educational systems seeking the world class education by applying science communication methodologies, practical education integrated with industrial areas. KAIZEN Provides and enforces scientific research processes whether in core process industries or emerging areas with the presence of qualified and professional academic researchers and professors.

We offer to create a full awareness of the Engineering Eco-System and Developing the Engineering Student attitude, Skills and Knowledge through our well designed Seminars, Courses, Training Programs, Conferences and Case Studies.

As a Member you can access information on recognized and promising engineering processes and methods. connect with professional networks of intelligent, resourceful colleagues and their shared wisdom. Find Learning opportunities from recognized authorities.

Move Forward Professionally!

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